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2makeIT offers modification and
certification to RÖS / TEMPEST

The regulations say that the RÖS apply to systems that are to handle classified information from level CONFIDENTIAL and upwards.

When choosing equipment, there are some things to consider:

  • Suppression in the property
  • Inspections space (inspecatble space)
  • How much clearing signals the equipment radiates

Based on the parameters set forth above and an operational analysis, one can decide which equipment is most suitable. To find the right equipment and not pay too much, one must think that the goal is not to disclose secret information.

In most cases, with some exceptions, one can meet the RÖS requirements with TEMPEST equipment.

  • TEMPEST Level A can be equated with U3 8m
  • TEMPEST Level B can be equated with U2 fixed with better offset power supply

The RÖS requirements can be met with TEMPEST-approved equipment.

Benefits of TEMPEST

  • TEMPEST means that you get a much faster handling process when choosing IT equipment when you can start from standard COTS products.
  • Larger selection of products and solutions (simply put: "everything that goes on electricity")
  • Much better price picture
  • TEMPEST is an International Standard, unlike RÖS, which is National, which can be of importance when exporting